ECL : (960)

Elevate your kitchen with ceramic bowls, available in assorted colors and patterns, perfect for serving soups, salads, or snacks, adding charm and functionality to your culinary space.

ECL : (961)

Bring rustic charm to your table with wooden bowls, featuring natural grains and earthy tones, perfect for serving fruits or salads, adding warmth to your kitchen decor.

ECL : (962)

Add a touch of elegance with glass bowls, showcasing sleek designs and translucent hues, perfect for serving desserts or displaying colorful ingredients, enhancing your kitchen aesthetic.

ECL : (963)

Embrace versatility with stainless steel bowls, offering durability and modern style, perfect for mixing ingredients or serving dishes, adding a contemporary edge to your kitchenware collection.

ECL : (964)

Infuse coastal vibes with bamboo bowls, crafted from sustainable materials in natural tones, perfect for serving rice or noodles, adding a touch of eco-friendly charm to your kitchen.

ECL : (965)

Celebrate tradition with porcelain bowls, featuring timeless designs and delicate finishes, perfect for serving soups or pasta, adding sophistication to your dining experience.