Wooden Beads

ECL : (345)

Enhance your crafting projects with our vibrant wooden beads, available in a spectrum of colors.

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Create bohemian jewelry with our natural wooden beads, perfect for a rustic look.

ECL : (347)

Add a pop of color to your macramé designs with our hand-painted wooden beads.

ECL : (348)

Dive into DIY décor with our versatile wooden beads, ideal for garlands and curtains.

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Craft eco-friendly accessories with our sustainably sourced wooden beads.

ECL : (350)

Explore endless possibilities with our premium quality wooden beads, crafted from durable materials.

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Elevate your home décor with our elegantly stained wooden beads, adding warmth to any space.

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Let your creativity flourish with our assortment of wooden beads, ideal for customizing keychains and bookmarks.

ECL : (353)

Infuse charm into your projects with our whimsically shaped wooden beads, perfect for children's crafts.

ECL : (354)

Experience the natural beauty of wood with our untreated wooden beads, ready for your artistic touch.

ECL : (355)

Incorporate earthy tones into your designs with our collection of matte-finish wooden beads.

ECL : (356)

Personalize gifts with our engraved wooden beads, adding a heartfelt touch to every creation.

ECL : (357)

Achieve a vintage-inspired look with our distressed wooden beads, reminiscent of old-world craftsmanship.

ECL : (358)

Bring coastal vibes to your projects with our bleached wooden beads, evoking seaside serenity.

ECL : (359)

Craft with confidence using our smooth and uniform wooden beads, ensuring consistency in your designs.